Mark van Hoorn and René Bleuanus know each other from their childhood in the city of Gorinchem, in the Netherlands. They joined the same Triathlon Club. From the study period onwards, they lost sight of each other. By chance, they reconnected. Mark was the Race Director of the Bridge to Bridge in Arnhem and associated Freedom Trail. René as an avid trailer and very interested in the Second World War, has participated in the Freedom Trail several times. René wanted to link the Liberation Trail to his own Market Garden Trail, a two-day, historic trail from Eindhoven to Oosterbeek. The board of the Bridge to Bridge did not see anything in the plan to link both events. And then Mark and René set up the Liberation Trail with the help of Mark’s business partner Eddie Wassink. And then bigger… in six days from the D-Day beaches in Normandy to the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem.

Mark and René are also avid ultra-runners. René has run the Marathon des Sables, among other things. Mark has finished several 24-hour runs and completed several trails above 100km. In addition to the Liberation Trail, they also organize many other sporting events, also in the Ultra area. For example, the HoHo100, Black Devils, Run Ultra Festival, Biesbosch Ultra Crossing, Backyard trail edition NL. In short, the organizers of have a real ultra-heart and are very experienced. You’re in good hands.


Mark van Hoorn & Rene Bleuanus


Marijn Michels (in the middle on the left photo below), a very experienced sports physiotherapist, trainer and former athlete, will take care of the First Aid and physiotherapy. Mainly before and after each stage. And Marijn is a very nice bloke to have in our team, a real people person. More information about Marijn, see

Dave Hogenboom (on the right on the left photo below) is our Facility Manager. Dave will prepare our camp sites where we start and finish each stage. After your finish of each stage, you only need to take a shower before you can flop down on your stretcher in the army tent. Dave finished some city marathons and short and ultra trails. And helps us out in the role as Facility Manager during numerous sports events.
Dave combines hard working with a relaxed attitude. Want to know more about Dave, see
Herco Lim (on the photo on the right photo) has designed our website. During the trail Herco is responsible for the historical context of the Liberation Trail. And helps out where necessary. Herco also finished some ultra trails himself. Nowadays running more shorter distances.