Monday the 12th of June 2023

PROLOGUE | Today, we paid a solemn visit to the memorials and embarked on the prologue. Our first stop was the awe-inspiring US War Cemetery at Omaha Beach, where 10,000 brave souls rest in eternal peace. We then proceeded to the equally breathtaking German Cemetery, where 21,000 soldiers, mostly young boys, lie at rest.
Next, we embarked on a boat from Gold to Omaha Beach, just like it was done in 1944. With a leap of faith, we landed in the water, recreating history without the hostility. The prologue served as a poignant beginning to our journey along the Liberation Trail, a 7 km path winding through picturesque bocages and cornfields, leading us to the @campinghayday campsite.
Join us as we honour and remember those who sacrificed everything.