Sunday the 18th of June 2023

STAGE 6 – 44 KM | BAND OF BROTHERS!! The last stage is ‘only’ a marathon, plus 2 extra kilometers as a lap of honor. From the Ginkelse Heide via Renkum and Wolfheze to Oosterbeek and finish at the John Frost bridge in Arnhem. Piece of history; the British 1st Airborne Division and Polish Brigade landed here on 17 September 1944 with 10,000 paratroopers. The assignment was to capture the Rhine bridge in Arnhem, 15 km further, and to hold it for 2 days until the relief comes from Nijmegen. 8 days later, 7,500 men are injured, dead or missing. And the British and Poles are withdrawn across the Rhine.

This Liberation Trail was a tribute to the men, boys who fought in 1944. ‘Lest we forget ????’, where our freedom comes from. And to prevent this memory from disappearing after the last veterans have passed away. That is why we ran from Normandy via the Ardennes to Arnhem for the past 5 days. It wasn’t just a run. It is also sacrifice. Different from 1944, but also heroic, also an heroic act!! As Leon, one of the Canadien competitors said it: ‘Liberation Trail delivered on their promise for an adventure. Great respect was paid to those who fought in WW2. What I will remember most is the crew and runners we shared the experience with. We truly became a ‘Band of Brothers’.