Wednesday the 14th of June 2023

STAGE 2 – 45 KM | Today’s start is at Pegasus Bridge with café Gondree next to it. ‘Cheers, mates!’ Just had an epic adventure at Café Gondrée, the first house in Western Europe to be liberated during D-Day. It was a fierce battle fought by the 6th British Airborne Division at the bridge. The Brits descended with parachutes and three gliders, making a grand entrance. After securing the city, we made our way towards Caen. This place witnessed nearly two months of relentless fighting by the brave Canadians and Brits. Caen was left in ruins, flattened by devastating bombings.
But today, we ventured beyond the city and marveled at the breathtaking beauty of Suisse Normande’s nature. The sun was blazing, making the last kilometer quite a challenge for our weary legs.