Saturday the 15th of June 2024

THE LONG STAGE. 81 KM 🥵 | The day everyone both looks forward to and fears… It has been raining for months in the Netherlands. Wet feet guaranteed in the first section from Best, near Eindhoven, to the first aid station by the windmill. Then from the old railway line past Veghel to the iconic bridge of Grave. And then… 5 km of grass! Everyone finds it horrendous ☠️ Points for the #fuckrene ranking! The aid station by the river is windy and at 56 km. Only 25 clicks to go. At the Mook British War Cemetery, our bagpiper is there to play everyone up the Duivelsberg. Everyone finishes in time! Greatest achievement and hats off. Tomorrow ‘only’ a marathon… 😁

#Liberationtrail #longstage #US101st #US82nd #LT #Lestweforget🌺 #trailrunning