Wednesday the 12th of June 2024

STAGE 2. PEGASUS BRIDGE AND CAEN 🇬🇧🌳🌲 | Today’s journey began at Pegasus Bridge, right beside the charming Café Gondrée. ‘Cheers, mates!’ Café Gondrée, the first house in Western Europe to be liberated on D-Day. The 6th British Airborne Division engaged in a fierce battle here, descending with parachutes and three gliders, making a spectacular entrance. After visiting the Museum ‘Pegasus Memorial’, we headed towards Caen. This city endured nearly two months of intense fighting by the courageous Canadians and Brits, leaving it in ruins from the heavy bombings.
But today, we moved past the city and soaked in the stunning scenery of Suisse Normande. The sun was blazing, making the final kilometer quite a test for our tired legs 🥵.
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